The Sidr is an ancient tree. Its fruit was the first thing Prophet Adam (Alaihis salam) ate when he was made to descend to earth. The tree was used during the time of King Suleiman (Alaihis salam) to build palaces.

This highly resilient tree is also sacred as it is mentioned four times in the Qur'an. In Sura Saba, it is mentioned as an earth tree while in other Suras, it is mentioned as a paradise tree (Sidrat al-Muntaha). Allah has mentioned this tree to emphasize its beauty, strength and grandeur (Saba 15,16; Waqia 27-33; Najm 7-18).

The honey is from bees who feast only on the nectar of this holy Sidr tree, Sidr honey is reputed to have many medicinal benefits and has an unusually high level of antioxidants, not to mention a rich, unforgettable taste.

The honey is dark in colour and has a flavour, which is entirely unique. Devout Muslims who consider it holy also consider the honey from these shrubs with the ability to enhance the libido. This family of shrub is found in deserts of the Middle- East and the Potohar regions of Pakistan.

Average Quality Parameters:
Energy: 38 Cal/10g | HMF: 5mg/kg |Moisture: 18.5% | Diastase: 30 | F/G ratio: 1.3 | Sucrose: 2.0%

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