To bring you the most rare, unique & pure Sidr honey in the world, Al Sa'ad Honey Works invests in the very best of resources. Whether it be the placement of our colonies, or the finest mated queen bees, the extraction & processing of honey involving our technology- driven honey extraction units, we choose nothing but the very best. We also take tremendous care in packaging, transportation & distribution so that the honey gets to you in exactly the way nature intended- fresh and full of its natural goodness.

The serenity and purity of the locations transcends into the unique taste of the honey the bees churn out - and we leave it at that, to give you the nutritive value and un- matched taste of live pollen and enzymes. So that you savour the unique taste, our team works in some of the most difficult terrains on earth.

Our queens (in general) are of a gentle temperament, highly productive and adaptable to various regional and climatic conditions. Our work area covers climates ranging from Temperate to Tropical to Sub- Tropical and altitudes from sea level to 15,000 feet above it. How might you ask, does the queen determine the quality & quantity of the honey produced? The answer to that question is because it is she that determines the quality & health & behaviour of all the bees in the hive.

The process of honey extraction is done with great care. Each factor is kept in mind, from hygiene to safety. The extraction process happens away from public places and at least two kms away from apiary sites in a dust & pollution free environment, taking care to extract only inside the shade. Combs, which have been sealed more than 80%, are extracted ensuring homogeneity, consistency, desired moisture level and the desired enzyme level among other quality parameters.

Men and bees work alike; tirelessly & unfailingly. It is little wonder then, that Al Sa'ad Honey works is much more than just honey; it is in truth, our way of celebrating nature ! What makes it worth every bit is, indeed, the quality of the honey and praise that we receive from our customers and consumers worldwide.


All our honey is taken out from the comb only when fully sealed. This ensures that the moisture content is 18% to 18.5%. This is signifcant because high moisture (above 18.5%) honey tends to ferment and therefore spoil. Also, people tend to judge honey based on its thickness/ viscosity. Therefore, if the honey is greater than 18.5% in moisture, it is judged as being too thin, if less than 18%- judged as too thick. We prefer to let the bees reduce the moisture naturally- adding their valuable enzymes as they do so and we know it is ready for harvesting when they seal it with a thin film of wax- when it reaches 18%. Ours is typically 18 to 18.5%. Specifically we look at Diastase, an enzyme that is an aid to digestion. The longer the honey is ‘matured’ in the hive, the higher the diastase content. It is another measure of quality.

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